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MINERALYS From Lorient to Indian océan 

2017 Groix éditions 


May 2022 Bookelis

1 - The forgotten origins

2 - The Spirit of Lum

3 - Ys, land of the wolves

THE DRAGON AXIS I Ancient Celts spirit

LE FOSSOYEUR DE MAGIE  I Des amants cruels au rayonnement de soi

LE CARNET DE PIWISI De l’île de Groix à l'or des Caraïbes I à Paraître


SOUVIENS TOI DES CALANQUES I Une âme de l'antiquité visite son futur

NOUVELLES DES FONDS DE CALE I L'esprit des paquebots raconte…

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"Fils de Lorient" Soldats Louis (ProdAsst.) 

"La récolte des souhaits" (Co-writer/Voice over) 

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Un Viking dans la Théière 

Soleil, guérisseuse de bobos 

Le petit créateur d'arcs en ciel

Les couleurs de ton monde

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Novel edited in 2017 Groix Editions


"From land of granite and sand rises the head of the West Indies Company: Lorient "the maritime one" from where a line of sailors will perpetuate a secret from the 18th century to the present day. Their descendant Marie Boers, manager in a cruise ship company in Athens, is contacted by a diving club in Mayotte to discover this old history. The memory of their roots "somewhere" imbued with an immense taste for elsewhere will bring her far in times. Together with Axel Even, a specialist in marine archaeology, they will investigate in Reunion Island, Mayotte, India where their discoveries will gradually pierce the mists of the past between shipwrecks and curious symbols, the story of an old Brahman or a register evoking a royal order of precious stones. Everything will lead them on the ancient roads of India from where will emerge an unusual treasure.


ISBN 978-2-37419-023-5 I EAN 9782374190235 I 11 x 18 cm, 232 pages, retail price: €9.00