Writer about ancient worlds, human engineering and the future

Multidisciplinary therapist specialized in the vocation and skills of beings
Certified in the 2 Points Method I NLP I Eneagram I Constellations of Organizations 
Timeline Trainer
In progress: Logosynthesis I Remote Viewing I Point 0
Certified Sophrologist RNCP


Trainer in Quantum Archeology New method designed in 2019
M2P 2 Point Method Quantum Consciousness since 2017 Resonance Quantique
RNCP Sophrologist Since 2014 by Ecole Sophrologie PACA
NLP Practitioner Since 2006 by Résonance Formations
Constellations of Organizations Since 2006 by Klaus Briks & Partners
Enneagram Basics Since 2006 by Frédérique Tronson
Logosynthesis under study
Various studies and research: Interior Alchemization Method, geobiology, Vaastu Shastra maps and their symbolism, Chinese and Hindu energy, Essene healing, pendulum, principles of quantum physics, elementals, animal consciousness... 


- As a child, what did you want to do as a job?

Very clearly, at 6 years old I said: "Later, I will be a writer!"
- What did you like to do?
Get inspired by the 4 elements, the secret language of animals, insects, invisible worlds...
- Your favorite book or author?
One soul of many bodies (B.Weiss), Paul & Virginie (Bernardin de St Pierre), K. McGowan
- If you were a quote?
Florebo communicates
- If you were a place?
The Grenadines Islands, the Cyclades Islands, the Polynesian Islands... An archipelago!
- If you were a feeling?
The trance of inspiration... Or the love trance?
- If you were a book?
The one that archaeologists haven't found yet.
- If you were music?
The dia spanola of the Arpegiatta
- If you were a smell?
The benjamin of the Egyptian priestesses
- If you were a word?
Travel, Oracle or Wolf

Training institutes


Niveaux 1 à 4 Méthodes des 2 Points 
Constellations familiales
Constellations Entreprises
Formation sophrologue RNCP
PNL, Hypnose, Eneagramme