Ancient & Future Worlds



My research, services and writings are the subject to a multidisciplinary approach combining alternative "new generation" practices as well as ancestral knowledge. 

Consciousness, body (cellular memory, body chemistry), energetic (internal processes and mechanisms), emotions (associated filters and beliefs) > updating our system as a whole > overcoming resistances or repetitive situations. 
This approach is implicit in all my writings. 


1 - NOVELS from my historical research about pre-Celtic, antediluvian worlds, the origin of humankind and cultures much more connected to nature, when Earth was not impacted by the industrial world. It is a quest about the functioning of "ancient" humankind, his knowledge and rituals.

2 - Studies and RESEARCH on legends, cosmogony, astronomical influences, zodiac and mythology to understand the gift of the Gods-Planets at our birth. It's a more mythological look at our life path.

3 - TRAINING and sessions that use pragmatic protocols, easy to reuse, combining: Sophrology, Point 0, 2 Points Method and Remote Viewing.

The objective of my work is to develop our human engineering to enter a this new era more coherent with nature.


Writer, multidisciplinary practitioner who carries the deep instinct of TRAVELLING through the oceans, lands and spirit….

My research led me to several sacred, historical, natural and energetic highlights : Delphi, Athens, the Cyclades, Great Zimbabwe, the stone circles of South Africa and Swaziland, numerous archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, in the Indian Ocean, the arc of Caribbean, South and North America, China, Indonesia, India, etc... Sources of inspiration to imagine the way of life of old civilisations.

A more "Holistic" approach of the world?

The Human Sciences tend to explore the varied knowledge on the same theme by analysing the elements as a whole. It is an approach from different angles: ancestral and modern sciences, ancient knowledge and alternative practices associated with other disciplines such as psychology, transgenerational, DNA analysis, the laws of the universe, the influences of astronomy and sidereal astrology, etc...

Trainer in Quantum Consciousness - Temporal Matrix: Ancient Worlds-Future World - RNCP Sophrologist - NLP Certified - Enneagram - Constellations of Organizations - 2 Points Method Facilitator - In Logosynthesis training - Point 0 - Remote Viewing