Ancient Kknowledges & Future Practices


APPROACH: My research, services and writings are subject of an holistic, and therefore multidisciplinary, global approach, associating alternative "new generation" practices such as conscienciousness and ancestral knowledge. 

The "tools" and skills used work on several levels: consciousness, the body (cellular memory, chemistry), energetics (internal processes and mechanisms), emotional (filters and associated beliefs) in order to observe and update the system as a whole, such as overcoming certain resistance or repetitive situations. 

This material is often watermarked in my writings. It is an approach in 3 axes of work: 

> Writings from my historical research on the ancient civislizations : pre-Celtic, before the flood and the ice ages, the origin of humankind and the cultures more related to nature and its manifestations when the earth was not impacted by the industrial world. It is a research at the same time of the functioning of the human mind, his knowledge and rituals like a projection in a more coherent future more related to the elements, integrated in its "geomagnetic" and modern context. 

> Studies and research on cosmogony, astronomical influences, the zodiac and its mythology and of course the birth chart which offers new perspectives on our life context, our unsuspected skills and the gift of the Gods-Planets in our natal chart. It is an understanding of our past baggage, our playground or even a more mythological look at our life path. 

> Courses and sessions with pragmatic protocols, easy to reuse, associating: Sophrology, Logosynthesis, Point 0, Method of 2 Points or even Remote Viewing. 

The objective of my work is to develop our human engineering, our gifts to enter the new era more coherent with nature, the faculties of each one, the forgotten laws of our environment.

**Holistic = Human Sciences which tend to explore the various knowledge on the same theme and analyze things as a whole, therefore under several different perspectives (By ancestral and modern sciences such as psychology, energetics, quantum physics, transgenerational transmissions and DNA, karmic impacts, vibratory and magnetic emanations, influences from astronomy and sidereal astrology, etc ...).


Author, multidisciplinary therapist, specialized in the vocation of being, certified for 20 years. 

I carry the deep instinct of Travel both terrestrial and by the mind, the exploration of space-time, of "other" worlds... My perceptions from a very young age, have oriented my research around the natural laws that govern our world, the human behavior and ancestral sciences... 
The study of various theories on incarnation according to old traditions as well as current practices, led to my concept of TIME MATRIX, various researches on sacred sites, our karmic memories and our skills human: 

AstroSidereal Study PDF "THE DRAGON AXIS "capacities to implement and gifts according to the North Node, the area of vocation, the soli-lunar energies of the astral chart, our feminine / masculine principles, like the karmic baggage to untie in the south node. We pick up speed by climbing on the back of the Dragon! 

> "TIME MATRIX" Ancient Worlds-Future One, courses: Harmonization and deprogrammation of our ancestral memories: individual and collective, like historic and sacred places. The courses are the subject of a collection of all the historical information transmitted by the participants to be corroborated by historians. Parallel searches exist in relation to specific sites. 

> Internship training focuses on the improvement of quantum and psychic capacities and the functioning of our vehicle, our frequencies to be linked with nature to better experience the Transition.

CERTIFICATIONS: Trainer in Time Matrix Ancient Worlds-Future One - RNCP Sophrologist - NLP Certified - Eneagram - Constellations of Organizations and Companies - Animator of the 2 Points Method - Training in Logosynthesis - Point 0 and Remote Viewing.

Recovering energy with an "Astro" Sidereal Natal Theme ? 

It's almost like removing the identification and beliefs around our birth sign. Sidereal astrology focuses on the influences of the planets according to their exact position in the sky. The study of this astronomical cartography according to the calculations of these positions, is more "natural" and in phase with your profile. 

So a Virgo ascendant Pisces can be in the energies of a Leo ascendant Aquarius or, keep the birth sign but change ascendant, so personality characteristics and life situations are, without appeal, more cohesive. The study aims to redefine the gifts and skills, the essence of our astral "clothes", our astronomical landscape, this inner cosmos by activating the active energies of our Sun + Black Sun, those more internalized of our Moon + Black Moon, the Ascendant as a personality to emerge as well as the Dragon Axis, the South Node and North Node. 

The vibratory signature is revealed, in its harmonic and disharmonic configurations. The theme also makes it possible to raise awareness of the karmic baggage to work in this present, to release our resistances to recover energy. It is an improvement tool to be fully on your playing field, in favorable energies and to activate a more fulfilling future.